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You can find an article by DOI by searching from the Library's Find an Exact Article page. The search box there is configured to automatically connect Google Scholar to the Walden Library databases. 



Note: If you access Google Scholar directly from the internet you will have to follow the steps to manually connect Google Scholar to the Walden Library. This connection is erased when you clear your cache and cookies, and will need to be redone.


Here are the steps for finding an article by searching in Google Scholar for the DOI. In this example we will search for the article with DOI: 10.1177/0741713611402046.

1.  On the  Library homepage click on Find an Exact Article. 

2.  On that page, in the center box, click on the tab: By DOI (Google Scholar)

Here is an image of the By DOI (Google Scholar) tab: 

3.  Enter the DOI number in the search box.

Tip:  Do not include the letters DOI.

Here is an image of the Google Scholar search box with a doi typed in on the Library's Find an Exact Article page: 


Here is an image of the Google Scholar search box with the doi typed in on the Google Scholar page:

4.  Click the Search button.

5.  Find your article in the results list.

6.  Look for the Find at Walden link to the right of the article citation.



7.  Click the Find at Walden link to get the article's full text. You may need to log in with your myWalden user name and password.



What if Google Scholar doesn't find the article?

There may be a mistake in the DOI or Google Scholar may not have the article in its index. Here is how you can work around both of these problems:

You can use to see if the DOI is correct. Use the Metadata Search box to search for the article title. The result will list the DOI. Learn more about using to find DOIs.

If the DOI number is correct, you can learn how to find an exact article by searching for the journal.



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