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 You can find an article by searching in the Library for the title of the journal in which it was published and then selecting the relevant year, volume, and issue. You can also search inside the specific journal for keywords, an author's name, or the article title.


For example, here is an article:

Du, J., Xu, J., & Fan, X. (2013). Factors affecting online groupwork interest: A multilevel analysis. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 49(4), 481-499. doi:10.2190/EC.49.4.d


Here are the steps you would follow to find it:

1.  On the Library homepage click on the Journals button.  

2.  Enter the journal title in the Find a journal by title search box: Journal of Educational Computing Research


3.  Click the Search button.

4.  On the next page, look for the journal entry.  The entry will include the years of full-text coverage, as well as the database(s) with full text.


5.  Click the link for the database that has the year that you need. In this case, since the reference citation is from 2013, any of the databases will work.

Search Tip: Some databases have a delay on full text access. Pay attention to the years available.

6.  Once you've clicked on the database link, you'll be prompted to log in with your myWalden Portal user name and password, if you haven't already.

7.  Look for a place to select the year, volume, and issue that you need.

Note: This may look slightly different in different databases.

Screenshot highlighting how to select a year and then select the volume and issue

8.  This will take you to a list of all of the articles that were published in that issue. Look through the list until you see the one you want.


What if there is no volume or issue for the journal article you want to find?

When you don't have a volume or issue number, you can usually find an option to search inside that specific journal for keywords. Try typing in the title of the article in quotes.


What if no results are found when you search for the journal title?

First, check to make sure you entered the title of the journal correctly. Also, if the title has an & symbol, try using and instead. 

If there are still no results, it means the Library does not have a subscription to that journal. However, you may be able to get the article that you need through a library in your area. You can also use our Document Delivery Service to request articles or book chapters that we do not have. 


What does it mean when it says, "most recent (year/month) not available"?

Many journals have embargoes on when the full text of articles will become available. This means that the full text won't be in the database until the specified time period has passed.


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