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You can find a journal's URL, or the web address for its homepage, by searching the Internet. Even if you found the article in a Walden Library database, you will still need to search the Internet to find the journal’s URL. 



Tip: When an article has no DOI, you will need to use the URL for the journal's homepage in your citation instead. Learn more about how to cite an article with no DOI. 



It takes a few steps to find a journal's homepage online.

Here's an example scenario and search:

1. You find an article in a Walden Library database that is from the journal called Teaching Exceptional Children.

2. You notice this article does not have a DOI.

3. Go to Google, Yahoo, or another internet search engine and search for the journal name, like this:

"Teaching Exceptional Children" journal

Notes: It is often helpful to include the word journal in the search if it is not part of the journal name. Also, try putting the title in quotes.

4. You will need to look at the results to determine which result is the journal's homepage.

Note: The journal's homepage is where you find information about the journal online from the publisher, not necessarily where you can access full text articles from the journal.

5. Click on the journal's homepage in the search results. Copy and paste the web address, or URL, into your citation.

In this example the URL is:


Here's what a journal homepage search and accurate result look like:


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