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You can find articles by a specific author using Thoreau, our multi-database search tool.


Note about author names in Library databases:

Databases typically use the following formats:

  • lastname, firstname  (e.g., Jefferson, Thomas)

  • lastname, first initial  (e.g., Jefferson, T)

Typing in the author name in the firstname lastname format (e.g., Thomas Jefferson) will usually get you articles about the person, instead of articles written by them.



You can follow these steps to search by author name in Thoreau:

1.  On the Library website, click the blue Articles by Topic button in the left column.

Link to Articles by Topic page

2.  Scroll down to the Search multiple databases box and the click the link for: Thoreau Multi-Database Search 

3.  Type the author's name in the first search box. You'll get the most results by searching for variations of the author's name, including both the full first name and initials.

For example:

Maslow, Abraham

Maslow, Abraham H

Maslow, AH

Maslow, A. H.

Connect the name variations with OR.

For example:

Maslow, Abraham OR Maslow, A. H.

4.  Change the drop-down menu next to the first search box to AU Author.


5.  If the author has a common name (e.g., John Watson), add topic keywords to the other search boxes. Adding additional terms to your search helps to narrow results to the specific author you want to find.

6.  Click Search.


 Watch a video demonstrating an author search in Thoreau:

Video: Finding articles by a specific author

Video player image: Link to video finding articles by author

(1 min 37 sec)  Transcript (PDF)

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