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When/if your application is “on hold” (pending the affiliation agreement) it means that your preceptor has been approved and all documents have been received and accepted, pending the completion of the affiliation agreement. Once the agreement is reached and on file your application will move to “approved” status. When on hold, the affiliation agreement can be in multiple statuses, which you can review on your checklist in Meditrek. Following are the statuses and what they mean.

  1. Site information submitted by student means that the student has submitted the information to the field education office and they are still reviewing the information to see if an agreement is on file, or if they will need to reach out to the field site administrator.
  2. Field site administrator notified means the field site administrator that you indicated in your application was sent an automated email asking which agreement option they would like (i.e., already exists, covered site, use WUAA unchanged, etc.); this automated email has login credentials for them to sign in to Meditrek and complete information on their field site and agreement.
    1.  Please verify that the email address you entered for your field site contact is accurate and in the proper format (with no extra spaces before or after the email address). If it is not accurate it may not reach the field site administrator and may cause significant delays in processing time.
  3. Draft saved by Field Site Administrator means the field site administrator has begun selecting agreement option and entering address information, but has saved as a draft instead of submitting their selection. They should log in and complete their selection.
  4. Affiliation Agreement submitted to Walden for review means the field site administrator has logged in and submitted information; either they have been sent a copy of our standard agreement to sign, they have selected that an agreement is already on file or is a covered field site OR they have been directed to our legal team via an auto-email (this will either ask them for their field sites standard template or it will ask them to make changes to the provided standard Walden agreement).
  5. Affiliation Agreement uploaded means the agreement has been uploaded to student’s application, BUT it has not yet been approved or rejected.

When the agreement is completed and fully approved, the status will indicate Affiliation Agreement completed and approved and your application will be fully approved instead of being on hold. You will get an email notifying you of the final approval.

For more information about your nursing practicum, please refer to your practicum manual or contact the Nurse Field Training Office

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