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You can submit a video to Kaltura by following these steps:

1. Click on the appropriate Week within your Blackboard classroom, and select the corresponding Application, Assignment, or Discussion link for that week.

2.  If submitting to an Application or Assignment, click on the Write Submission button to display the Content Editor.  If submitting to Discussion, click on the Reply button to display the Content Editor. 

3.  Click on the Mashups dropdown within the Content Editor, and select Kaltura Media to open Kaltura.

4.  From the Mashup Tool, choose Kaltura Media.

5. The My Media page will appear with all of the videos you have previously uploaded to Blackboard. Click the Select button that corresponds to the video you want to place into your post.

6. Once you are finished with your post, click the Submit button.

7. A transcript of your video should be attached by clicking on the Browse My Computer button and selecting the appropriate file.


For more information on Kaltura go to the Customer Care Website section Uploading Files with Kaltura. You can also contact Customer Care at for further assistance.

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