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How do I troubleshoot a webinar?


If you are having trouble accessing a webinar, check a few things:


Did you write down the webinar’s start time correctly? Webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time (ET), so if you are in a different time zone, check that you calculated the conversion correctly. Check when the webinar will occur in your time zone by clicking "Show in my Time Zone" at the top of the registration page or by visiting this website.

Note that the presenter will often open a webinar 10-15 minutes before its start time; until then, you may receive a “Waiting for Organizer” message. Don’t worry; the presenter will be joining you soon!


Have you tried restarting the webinar software? Sometimes the webinar software is interrupted slightly when it starts, creating an error. Often, you can exit out of a webinar, click your attendee link again, and the webinar will reload successfully.


What is your connection speed? The software needed to host webinars (GoToWebinar) sometimes needs a lot of speed to work properly since it is essentially streaming live video and audio to your computer. Make sure you have a strong Internet connection, closing other applications on your computer as well.


Is your pop-up blocker disabled? Some computers’ security settings are very strong, so ensure that a pop-up blocker is not blocking GoToWebinar from opening on your computer.


Is the latest version of Java downloaded on your computer? GoToWebinar suggests that attendees have the latest version of Java downloaded on their computer, so try visiting this Free Java Download to see if this fixes the issue.


If you’ve tried these steps and are still having trouble accessing a webinar, visit Common Issues When Joining Webinars on Windows or contact GoToWebinar support directly.


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