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Walden and APA do allow for certain circumstances where you may need to cite yourself in your text. However, reusing your own work without proper citation can be considered self plagiarism.


Self citation format

If you find a circumstance in which you need to cite yourself, you’ll want to be sure to use the following reference entry format, referring to your coursework as an unpublished manuscript and giving the University name in your reference entry:

Grammer, R. (2013). APA’s hidden secrets to a better writing life. Unpublished manuscript,
     Walden University.

Then, your in-text citation would include the author's (your) surname and the year of publication, just like other in-text citations. 


To reuse work for a different purpose

  • Get your instructor's approval (generally reused work is not accepted).

  • See the Walden University Student Handbook Code of Conduct on students’ misuse of their own scholarly work.



 To reuse work that builds on itself

  • Use each incremental section of your work (those sections that are building toward your doctoral capstone study) to build on itself.

  • Check with your faculty member if you are uncertain whether or not you should be reusing work. 



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