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Different legal documents require different citation and reference list formats. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA; 6th ed.) devotes Appendix 7.1 (pp. 216-224) to information on citing legal materials such as statutes and court decisions. 

For these types of references, APA follows the recommendations of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, so if you have any questions beyond the examples provided in the 6th edition manual, seek out that resource as well.

You can also find sample references for the most common legal documents on the Writing Center's website.

For more detailed legal citations and information, we have listed some resources below. The Writing Center does not recommend one over the other, nor is it responsible for the reliability or usability of the sources. It is up to you to be discerning in what resources are most helpful for you. Regardless of which you choose, we at the Writing Center hope these resources are a starting place for you.

Top websites for legal citations and information:

Helpful blog posts on finding legal information and APA citation guidelines:

Legal citation creation websites:  

If you are still having problems as you research this particular legal source, it may be helpful reach out to your course instructor or other legal professionals for guidance. 


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