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You will use quotation marks to set off words, phrases, or sentences that are taken directly from another source.

You will also use quotation marks to indicate titles of articles, chapters, songs, or poems that are mentioned in the text of your paper.

Note: Do not use quotation marks in place of italics. (View italics guidelines if you are not sure when it is appropriate to use italics.) Do not use quotation marks to indicate emphasis or meaning.


Direct quotations

A direct quotation is a word or phrase that is word-for-word the same as the original source. Quotation marks indicate that you are using material that was not originally your own or that you are using someone else's words. 

The following is an example of a quotation formatted per APA:

Shiell (2013) stated, “This is a direct quotation because it is word for word the same as what I said” (p. 47).


Chapters, songs, and poems

Quotation marks can also be used for the title of a chapter, a song, or a poem in APA, like in this sentence:

The poem “Writing Fun in the Sun” is one of my favorites.


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