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In formal writing, try to avoid using italics to show emphasis. Instead, use italics to indicate specific parts of your work.

APA recommends using italics for the following:

 Item within your text  Example sentence
 Titles of books, journals, movies,  and more  The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is a helpful tool for  students to use in their scholarly writing.
 Introducing a new term  A group of words working together that contains a subject and a verb is called a clause.
 Measurements on a scale  Participants could choose between agree and disagree on the survey.
 Words or phrases used as linguistic  examples  Suspenders is a word that is difficult for many children to say.
 General/scientific names, species,  and varieties  Humans are homo sapiens.
 Letter in statistical symbols and  algebraic values  n= 35
 Uncommon foreign words  The phrase geçmiş olsun is sometimes used to wish someone a fast recovery from a health  problem.


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