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Like any in-text citation, a book citation in the text would include the author's surname, year of publication, and occasionally a page number. See How do I cite in my text?

To create a reference entry for a book in an APA reference list, however, you'll want to include the author’s last name and first initial, the year of publication, the title of the book in italics, the location, and the publication information.

A few tips to remember:

  • If there is no specific author, use the authoring organization in place of the author’s name.
  • If the editor is also the author, you will include (Ed.) after the name in the reference entry.
  • For e-books, rather than the publication information, simply include the URL or the DOI number.    


 Type of  Source  Template*  Example*
 Book  Author's last name, First initial.  (Year). Title of the book. City, Location:  Publisher.  Grammer, R. (2013). A grammar guide by Grammer.  Minneapolis, MN: Walden Publishing.
 Book with  organization  as author  Authoring organization's name. (Year).   Title of the book. City, Location:  Publisher  Department of the Press Secretary for Amazing Students.  (2013). Open the door to success with APA. New York, NY:  Publishing Publishers.
 Book with  editor as  author  Editor's last name, First initial. (Ed.).  (Year). Title of the book. City, Location:  Publisher.  Coyote, W. E. (Ed.). (2013). Catching the breeze: Tales of  epic failure. London, England: Cartoon Press.
 E-book with  URL  Author's last name, First initial.  (Year). Title of the book. Retrieved from  http://www.urlofthebook  Hood, L. R. R., & Little, P. G. (2013). I'm not crying wolf  this time! Retrieved from
 E-book  with  doi  Author's last name, First initial.  (Year). Title of the book. doi:xxxxxxxx  Kool, I. M. (2013). Loving APA through graduate  school. doi:10.543w20.x032

*Of course, you will want to insert a hanging indent for each reference entry. See the Academic Skills Center's Microsoft Word tutorials for APA formatting to learn how to create a hanging indent.


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