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The term popular press refers to material written for the general public.  This is opposed to scholarly material written for an academic or research audience, or trade material written for an industry audience.  Most popular press materials are newspaper and magazine articles.  

The following table shows examples of popular press, trade, and scholarly materials.

Popular Press (magazines or newspapers)

Trade Journals

Scholarly, Peer reviewed

Time, Newsweek, etc.

New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, etc. 

Chronicle of Higher Education

Wall Street Journal


American Journal of Nursing

Educational Leadership

Psychological Bulletin

Does not include:

Tabloids/Gossip magazines




The ProQuest Central database is one place to find popular press materials. To find popular press materials in ProQuest Central

1.  On the Walden Library homepage, at the top of the page, click on Start Your Research.

2.  In the box on the right, click on the Newspapers & Magazines link.

3.  Click the ProQuest Central  link in the Search by Topic box.  

4.  Type your keywords into the search boxes, for example:

First Search Box:  healthcare 

Second Search Box:  privilege

5.  Scroll down to the Search Options.  Verify the Full Text box is checked.

6.  Under More Search Options, in the Source Type box, check Magazines and Newspapers.


7.  Click the Search button.

Search tip: By default the database displays the search results by relevance.  You may find it useful to view the results by date.  Use the Sort button in the left column to change the sort order.

Here is an image of the Sort button: 



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