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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: hi everyone and welcome i'm lori Barnes and i'm a writing instructor in the writing Center we're so glad you're here.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: I know you're all very busy, and we want to thank you for taking time to join us, whether you're here with us live or watching the recording.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: we're really looking forward to today's webinar so let's take a look at the next slide before we began we'll be going over a few accessibility notes.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: Closed captions also called subtitles are available by clicking the closed captioning button in your zoom toolbar.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: You can choose to show subtitles or hide subtitles you can also select subtitles settings to change the subtitle font size.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: If you'd like to view the live transcript click that same closed caption live transcript button in your zoom toolbar.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: Then you can view the full transcript, and this will open the transcript in a new window will also provide a transcript in our follow up email and and our webinar archive after the webinar.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: So on our next slide, which is our housekeeping slide I wanted us to go through, just a few housekeeping notes.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: First, we are recording this webinar so you're welcome to access it later via our webinar archive.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: We record all of our webinars at the writing Center so you're welcome to look through that archive for other recordings that might interest you as well.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: If you're participating from a desktop those slides are available for download from the chat box.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: If you're on a mobile device will want to access the slides later we'll send them by email, and you have them available in the webinar archive after the webinar.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: We also have opportunities to to participate in the chat box throughout the webinar.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: You can use the reactions in your zoom toolbar to let us know if you want us to slow down speed up if you want to give us a thumbs up etc.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: And if you have any technical issues, we recommend using the chrome browser, if possible, because it really does work best in this platform.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: there's also great support available at support that lastly we'll share a feedback survey with you at the end of the webinar and by email we really appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your anonymous feedback with us.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: On the next slide I wanted to give you a little information about who we are and who our presenter is today our presenter today is Veronica Oliver, who is a writing instructor and who also coordinates are additional writing support program Veronica is there anything you wanted to add.

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Veronica Oliver: No thanks lori I just glad everybody was able to make it today, and I hope that we're able to answer any of your writing questions or writing Center questions I should say.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: Thanks Veronica so our facilitators today are me i'm laurie Barnes and i'm speaking to you today from sunny Florida, and we also have and she'll, who is the resource manager a student in faculty.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: webinars and she also handles our module support and is there anything you wanted to add.

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Anne Shiell, Writing Center: Just a welcome to everyone we're so glad that you're here.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: So and and I will be watching the chat.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: box throughout the webinar and we'll be here, ready to answer your questions and with that I will hand things over to our brilliant presenter Veronica.

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Veronica Oliver: Thanks sorry.

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Veronica Oliver: So today what we're going to cover is who are you and who are we, as in the writing Center so how we can help students.

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Veronica Oliver: How can you best use our services in the writing Center, such as the appropriate service for the appropriate time, will highlight since resources and then we'll also have time for some Q amp a.

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Veronica Oliver: feel free to to introduce yourself in the chat box like right now for where you're from or where what program you're in you could free up sorry feel free to do that now and throughout the webinar also if you have a question, you can also put in a chat.

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Veronica Oliver: Okay, so who we are we're professional and friendly teachers and writers were writing instructors who work with.

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Veronica Oliver: All students at the undergraduate masters and doctoral and certificate stage of their program we work with students on coursework pre proposals and paper review appointments or i'm sorry through paper review appointments.

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Veronica Oliver: We help in a variety of different ways, with writing skills and APA so as you can see here anything from organization with writing skills to grammar.

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Veronica Oliver: Being a student writer some tips and tricks, if you have writing anxiety, we can provide you some tips for that as well as APA style.

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Veronica Oliver: How can you collaborate with the writing Center well, it depends on the type of assignments, the assignment deadline your time and your learning preferences.

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Veronica Oliver: So say you have a paper do tonight so you're looking basically for pretty much for immediate help.

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Veronica Oliver: We can always explore website on our website, you can find everything from.

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Veronica Oliver: grammar modules to APA webinars any type of writing or APA subject in several different types of formats, so we have you know web pages with modeling of different types of APA and writing.

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Veronica Oliver: Different types of writing an APA and we also have like modules and webinars so there's a little bit something for everyone, depending on your time, as well as you're learning preference.

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Veronica Oliver: You can also use i'm sorry, you can also use grammarly grammarly is is a checker it's sort of like word spell check.

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Veronica Oliver: I do want to say that grammarly is not perfect, as a software program it can make mistakes, so you want to use it at your own discretion, but you can use grammar lee's premium program for free with your Walden new email address.

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Veronica Oliver: So say you have a couple days before you need an answer, so you need help within 24 hours but it's not as immediate as you need help right away.

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Veronica Oliver: One thing you can do is email us so writing instructors watch our writing support at Walden you EDU email box for students who write in and ask us general writing APA.

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Veronica Oliver: grammar and other questions we'll get back to you within 24 hours and usually what we like to do is, we like to sometimes model for students or.

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Veronica Oliver: provide them a link to a resource that we have that would be helpful, such as something on a PA or grammar.

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Veronica Oliver: Or you know another writing aspect, depending on what the students looking for.

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Veronica Oliver: So say you want to develop your writing skills you don't need an answer for a week or more you're looking for more long term support.

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Veronica Oliver: What we do have for students is our pay per view appointment service.

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Veronica Oliver: Which is basically our kind of premier service what we do as writing instructors is we provide feedback to students to help them develop their writing skills long term.

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Veronica Oliver: Our feedback includes many lessons sometimes we'll do many lessons where we model, a certain APA or writing aspect we provide links to our resources so students can continue to build their skills in a specific APA or writing.

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Veronica Oliver: aspect and we help students build and take ownership of the revision process.

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Veronica Oliver: So steps to reserving a pay per view appointment, you can make an appointment through the wall your Walden portal and basically what we do is we use my pass as our scheduling system for paper views and there you'll be able to see how many.

00:29:06.270 --> 00:29:16.590
Veronica Oliver: who's available for a pay per view appointment and just to know our paper review appointments do fill up quickly, so it is better to plan ahead if possible.

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Veronica Oliver: And then you can complete the form, and you can provide your writing instructor details, for instance, is there a type of way in which you like to receive writing feedback, do you like, highlighting, is there a type of modeling.

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Veronica Oliver: that's more helpful for you are you more of an auditory learner you know, would you like your writing instructor to link you to.

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Veronica Oliver: A webinar, for instance, to help you for further develop a certain skill and APA writing you do need to attach your paper by 5am Eastern time the day of the appointment or immediately after you make an appointment if it's the same day appointment.

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Veronica Oliver: And then you can relax and your writing instructor will notify you by email when your paper of us complete and that'll be either the day of the review or the day after.

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Veronica Oliver: So do you have any questions right now about our paper of your appointments.

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Veronica Oliver: If you do, you can type it in the chat.

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Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: Veronica we did have a question at the proposal stage.

00:30:34.530 --> 00:30:52.230
Lauri Barnes, Writing Center: Whether students can use our writing services and I responded with the editors email that the foreman style editors provide support at the proposal stage, but perhaps you wanted to answer a little bit more about that.

00:30:52.890 --> 00:31:07.650
Veronica Oliver: Sure, so we don't in the writing Center provides students with feedback on at the proposal stage we're not trained to do so, but you can contact the editors right now they're at their.

00:31:10.860 --> 00:31:18.660
Veronica Oliver: Their email address i'm going to put in the chat is this right now so right now, their email addresses editor at Walden you EDU.

00:31:19.590 --> 00:31:36.660
Veronica Oliver: You can also look up information on foreman style reviews on our website and there you'll be able to find different information on what type of services are available for you, services and resources available for you when you're at that stage of your Program.

00:31:37.980 --> 00:31:39.960
Veronica Oliver: tiffany did you have a question.

00:31:50.580 --> 00:31:53.310
Veronica Oliver: Okay, great it's been answered i'm glad.

00:31:55.260 --> 00:32:07.890
Veronica Oliver: Okay well we're gonna have some time at the end for further questions so i'm going to move on, but if you do have a question feel free to put it in the chat and I will respond to it, towards the end of the presentation.

00:32:10.920 --> 00:32:14.430
Veronica Oliver: So, as I mentioned before we have different types of resources.

00:32:15.930 --> 00:32:22.320
Veronica Oliver: And these are great to think about in terms of what you're learning preferences, so you can attend live webinars.

00:32:23.070 --> 00:32:40.770
Veronica Oliver: We also have archived webinars on several different APA and writing topics these webinars last a lot of them last for an hour you don't have to sit down and watch the webinar and one like session, you can always come back to it.

00:32:42.960 --> 00:32:50.580
Veronica Oliver: If you if you don't have time to watch the whole webinar but those are great if you have, if you do have the time and you're more of an auditory learner.

00:32:51.900 --> 00:33:00.360
Veronica Oliver: We have self paced modules a module is basically our interactive self paced tutorials on a variety of topics.

00:33:00.780 --> 00:33:10.350
Veronica Oliver: We have the APA citation and reference modules plagiarism prevention modules grammar scholarly writing and paragraph development.

00:33:11.190 --> 00:33:25.710
Veronica Oliver: Each module you'll be able to take pre module quiz letting you know where you're at in terms of skill development at that point, and then through the through taking the module you'll be able to practice and test your.

00:33:26.370 --> 00:33:45.930
Veronica Oliver: Knowledge of certain APA and writing skills and the modules to you don't have to do them in one sitting, you can always come back to the modules and the modules how long they will take will depend on your familiarity and comfortable and how comfortable, you are with a certain topic.

00:33:47.970 --> 00:34:05.820
Veronica Oliver: We have podcasts that you can listen to, so our podcasts are writing structures basically talking about scholarly writing APA style and Walden resources, these are 10 minute short episodes that are great to.

00:34:06.510 --> 00:34:16.860
Veronica Oliver: Take in pretty much anytime you have availability to listen to a 10 minute podcast you can access them through our website and your mobile device.

00:34:18.900 --> 00:34:21.480
Veronica Oliver: You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

00:34:23.040 --> 00:34:29.880
Veronica Oliver: Our newsletter will let you know what's coming up, such as you know what are some webinars coming up some live webinars.

00:34:30.360 --> 00:34:41.790
Veronica Oliver: and other information that might might be helpful for you and they're quick and digestible so it just gives you sort of like a very, very succinct update on what's going on in the writing Center right now.

00:34:43.620 --> 00:34:57.630
Veronica Oliver: We have resources that are specific for multilingual writers, we do have a multilingual students page we have webinars such as mastering the mechanics grammar modules.

00:34:58.830 --> 00:35:04.800
Veronica Oliver: and other types of support that are specifically geared towards students who are multilingual writers.

00:35:07.290 --> 00:35:13.470
Veronica Oliver: And if you're wondering where to start, we do suggest making a paper review appointment as I noted before the.

00:35:14.130 --> 00:35:26.160
Veronica Oliver: The paper view appointments our premier sort of service and what they do is our job is writing instructors is to help students develop their APA and writing skills over time.

00:35:26.850 --> 00:35:37.410
Veronica Oliver: As well as developed their ability to recognize writing an APA issues that they might have in their paper and revise those issues.

Veronica Oliver: Thank you for attending today.And don't hesitate to email us at writing support at Walden if you have any lingering questions and we're hoping that we will see you in the writing Center through our paper view service.

00:48:49.770 --> 00:48:50.880
Veronica Oliver: Thank you everyone.

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