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Track Changes

Track Changes allow instructors to make changes within your document without altering the original file. These changes will appear with different formatting so they are easy to spot (like red-underlined font).

When reviewing Track Changes you can decide to Accept or Reject the change. Accepting the change will automatically update your document to include the suggested change. Rejecting the change will remove it from your document. 

Step 1:

Go to the "Review" ribbon on the top menu and make sure "Tracking" is set to "All Markup." 

Step 2:

Click on the suggested change you want to address. You can then decide to "Accept" the change by using the "Accept" icon in the Review Ribbon, 


Or Reject, using the icon in the Review Ribbon. 



Shortcut Tip! You can also Right-Click on the change to access an "Accept/Reject" menu. 



Removing Bubble Comments

Bubble comments allow an instructor to leave personalized feedback in a section of your document without altering the content of your document. Follow the below instructions if you need to remove any of these comments. 

Step 1: 

Go to the "Review" ribbon on the top menu. In the "Comments" section, you will see the options to add a "New Comment", "Delete", as well as navigation between comments (Previous/Next). 

Step 2: 

Click on the comment you wish to remove. You can then click on the "Delete" Icon in the top menu. 


Shortcut Tip! You can also right-click on a Bubble Comment to open an options menu to delete the comment. 

Download these instructions as a PDF: 

 MS Word: Feedback through Track Changes and Bubble Comments

Office 365/MS Word 2016

Walden students have access to both Office 365 and the desktop version, MS Word 2016. Office 365 does not offer the full functionality of MS Word so we recommend students use the desktop version of MS Word (Word 2016). The Customer Care Team offers Technology Support for Office 365 and instructions for downloading Office 2016 to your computer.

For more help: 

  • Review the MS Word: Track Changes resources.
  • If you are having issues formatting the coursework template, or for any other MS Word questions, Ask OASIS.
  • If you are having issues formatting the doctoral capstone template, email [email protected].

Are you a student using an APA Course Template, or Doctoral Study or Dissertation Template? Check out these video playlists for more on using Track Changes within the template.

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