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Using Tabs to add Dot Leaders in a Table of Contents in MS Word 2016

Dot Leaders add a visual link to separated words on one line (typically seen as ....... between left and right text on the same line) and can be created using the tabs dialogue box. 

Step 1: 

Highlight the text you want to add a dot leader to by using your cursor to click and drag over the text. In the Paragraph section of the Home Ribbon, click the Paragraph Settings dialogue box launcher  in the lower right corner (you can also right-click on your mouse and select "Paragraph" from the menu). This will open a new window with Paragraph Settings.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the Paragraph Settings dialogue box, there is a "Tabs" button. Open the Tabs dialogue box by clicking on the Tabs button. 

Step 3:

Enter your settings for your Tab. The "Tab Stop" position will be the position for aligning the text on the page. In this example, the "Tab Stop" is set at 6 inches. This means when the "Tab" button is pressed on the keyboard, the cursor will move to 6 inches on the document. 

Once you have all of your settings added, click "OK."

Step 4: 

Using your keyboard'sTabbutton will add a dot leader between the items before and after the cursor.

In this example, the dot leader will place the number 1 at the 6-inch tab stop and add a dot leader between the text on the same line.

Download these instructions as a PDF: 

  MS Word: Using Tabs to add Dot Leaders in a Table of Contents

Office 365/MS Word 2016

Walden students have access to both Office 365 and the desktop version, MS Word 2016. Office 365 does not offer the full functionality of MS Word so we recommend students use the desktop version of MS Word (Word 2016). The Customer Care Team offers Technology Support for Office 365 and instructions for downloading Office 2016 to your computer.

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