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From Blackboard, you will access all of the links to your course content in the course navigation menu area. Many of the menu items in this course will direct you to a new student experience outside of Blackboard as you know it (Syllabus, Course Overview, and Weekly Content– Week 1, Week 2, etc.). You can see a comparison below.

Course Navigation Menu:

Course Content outside of Blackboard:

There are two separate ways to navigate through the content on one of the course content pages. First, you will see a series of navigational links that run along the top of the page.

To return to a listing of all your Walden courses at any time, you can click on the Walden University logo in the top, left corner.

Each of the other links will jump you to the corresponding area on the page or you can use the scroll bar in your browser to access the desired area of the page. 

Throughout each week as you work through your required material and assignments, you will be directed back to Blackboard to actually submit your work. For example, you will read the instructions for your discussion submission and then click the “Week # Discussion” link and you will be directed to the appropriate area within Blackboard for you to initiate your discussion post. 

A second navivgational pane is available by clicking on the menu expand button along the top of the page. The navigational menu that will appear and will allow you to access a different week, the Course Walden University 2017 Overview page, Resource List, Syllabus, Course Calendar, Course Home or the Help resources. Click the icon once again or the X in the top, right corner to close the menu. 

To go back to your Blackboard Course Home, click the “Back to Blackboard” menu item 

Access tutorials, like the navigation guide, provided here, via the “Help” menu item. 

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