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Follow the steps below to submit a Consortium Agreement: 

  1. Complete a Letter of Permission to Take a Course at Another Institution Form (LOP/Letter of Permission) and submit it to your Student Success Advisor.  

  1. Your Student Success Advisor will notify you via email within 5 business days if your LOP was approved or denied.  

  • If Admissions denies the LOP this means the course is not an 80% match to a course within your program and you are not eligible for a Consortium Agreement. 

  • If Admissions approves the LOP you are eligible to submit a Consortium Agreement. However, just because an LOP is approved, this does not guarantee the Consortium Agreement will also be approved.   

  1. From your financial aid document portal, request a Consortium Agreement. You will need to enter a brief explanation of why the form is being requested.  

  1. Once a Consortium Agreement form is requested, a task will be created in your financial aid document portal. Download the Consortium Agreement  

  1. The Consortium Agreement will need to be filled out by your host school. Directions will be listed within the task explaining how to complete the form.  

  1. Upload the completed LOP and Consortium Agreement to your financial aid document portal.  

  1. When both the Letter of Permission to Take a Course at Another Institution form and the Consortium Agreement form have been successfully submitted, the Consortium Agreement will be reviewed by Tier II Financial Aid. Communication regarding approval or denial will be sent to you via email within 10 business days of the date the Consortium Agreement task was submitted in your financial aid document portal.

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