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Please consider setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone to provide an easy way to go through the MFA process, and at no extra cost for messages or calls.

We recommend you download the Microsoft Authenticator app. This app will allow you to go through the authentication process by approving a notification instead of entering a code via SMS or a phone call. Please follow the instructions to install and setup the app, after downloading the app, the setup will take approximately 5 minutes.

  1. On your computer visit: 
  2. Select your authentication method and set it to: "Notify me through app".
  3. Mark the Authenticator app checkbox from the list and click on the Set up Authenticator app button to open the Configure Mobile App screen.

  4. Next, on your smartphone, you will install the app. The Microsoft Authenticator app is available in both, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store: 

    Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

    Or scan this QR Code from your smartphone: 

  5. Once installed, open the app.

  6. Tap on the ‘+’ sign on the top right to set up a new account. 
  7. Select “Work or school account”. 
  8. Scan the QR code image in the Configure mobile app window. 
  9. Now, go back to your computer and choose Next in the Configuration mobile app window to verify your configuration. 
  10. Wait a minute until the setup is completed and confirmed on the verification setup screen. Once confirmed, click the Save button. 
  11. The system will verify the preferred option by sending you a notification to your phone. Tap on the notification. 
  12. Once on then MS Authenticator app, tap Approve and wait for the confirmed verification on your computer. 
  13. You are all done! The next time you need to go through the MFA process you only need to approve this kind of instant prompt from your smartphone. 

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