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The originality report provides detailed information about the matches found between your submission and existing sources.

The text of your submission appears in the left panel of the report. Matching blocks of text are identified with color-coded highlighting and a number. Information about the report appears in the right panel.

Your overall score appears in the right panel. If you submitted multiple compatible attachments to the assignment, these will appear in the right panel with their own overall scores. Click the file name to switch between reports.

You can turn the highlighting off and on for citations in the right panel by clicking the color-coded highlighter icon or “Remove/Show Highlighting” next to that citation.

Click on a matching block of highlighted text to display information about the original source and the sentence matching score, which is the probability that the block or sentence was copied from the listed source.

Sentence matching scores represent the percentage probability that the sentence or block has the same meaning as the indicated source. For example, a score of 90 percent means that there is a 90 percent probability that these two phrases are the same and a 10 percent probability that they are similar by chance and not because the submitted paper includes content from the existing source—whether appropriately attributed (referenced or cited) or not.

The overall SafeAssign score indicates the probability that the submitted paper contains matches to existing sources. This score is a warning indicator only. Your instructor will review your report to determine if the matches are significant or not and whether the proper citation was used. You should contact your instructor for questions about your SafeAssign score and how to lower your score.

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