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Here is an overview of the degrees and codes for database searches:  

 Walden degree  Walden degree  Database degree   Quick Answer
  Doctor of Education     EdD   Ed.D.  How do I find Walden EdD (Doctor of Education) studies?
  Education Specialist    EDS   None.   None.  Not included in ProQuest as it is not a dissertation program. 
  Doctor of Business Administration    DBA   D.B.A.   How do I find Walden DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) studies?
 Doctor of Healthcare Administration                    DHA     D.H.A.   How do I find Walden DHA (Doctor of Healthcare Administration) doctoral studies?
 Doctor of Information Technology   DIT   D.I.T.  How do I find Walden DIT (Doctor of Information Technology) studies?  
 Doctor of Nursing Practice   DNP   D.N.P.   How do I find completed Walden DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) projects?
 Doctor of Public Administration   DPA   none yet  How do I find completed DPA (Doctor of Public Administration) dissertations?
 Doctor of Public Health   DrPH   D.P.H.  How do I find Walden DrPH (Doctor of Public Health) studies?
 Doctor of Social Work   DSW   D.S.W.   How do I find Walden DSW (Doctor of Social Work) studies?
 PhD   PhD   Ph.D.  How do I find Walden PhD dissertations?


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