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There are a few places to start research or information about a particular culture or group. 



 are a good place to get an overview of a group or culture


have general information and lead you to other resources

  The internet

will help you discover educational or nonprofit organizations dedicated to particular groups or cultures


contain popular press articles and  peer reviewed studies. 

Start broadly with a multiple subject database such as our search tool: Thoreau. 


For your searches try the name of the country, population or group and the word culture. For example: 

Native American culture

LGBTQ culture

African American culture 


Remember that names of groups change over time as society changes. Try to think of what your culture or group might have been called previously.  

For example, books are slower to publish, so there might not be as many if you search for LGBTQ culture. Try LGBT or GLBT as well. 


Search Tip:  Remember that while you CANNOT use Wikipedia as a source, you might find useful resources in their references for relevant entries.


For the database search try this search setup:

In box 1, type: hispanic OR latinos OR latinas OR Mexican Americans

In box 2, type: culture


In the database search results, look at the options on the left side of the screen for ways to limit or filter the results. You may need to scroll down to see all the options. Take a look at "Subjects" and "Databases"  to get an idea of other terms to use or databases to check.

The Library has some Research Starters to help you get started. Check back, as we are working on more! 


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