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Pre-caching is a common feature of satellite internet, but other forms of internet may use it. To artificially speed up the internet connection, web pages are cached (temporarily saved) so that they load quickly the next time you visit that page. This feature is not compatible with many Library databases.

Here are some common satellite internet companies and their pre-caching feature:

Satellite Internet Provider Pre-caching Feature Name




WebAccelerator, Optimizer
Exede WebAccelerator, Optimizer


The most effective way to disable the pre-caching feature is to call your satellite provider.

  • Ask the provider how to temporarily disable the feature. Remain on the phone with them while you:
  • Test to see if you can now access databases through Walden Library.

Disabling this setting will slow down your internet access. Nothing is broken. This is simply the nature of the technology.

We have some instructions available for two providers: 

Hughes Satellite

Here are instructions to disable the speed booster program (Turbo) for Hughes Satellite Internet.

  1. Make sure that you are online
  2. Type in your URL bar:
  3. Go to green system status button on left, click on it. If you are using a HNS9000 modem, go to the grey bar at the top third of the page below the buttons, find the little man icon, and then click on it. 
  4. Click on Turbo Page 
  5. Click on the tiny man icon at top of page
  6. Select "Disable Turbo" on turbo commands page.

Perform these steps every time you reboot your computer.

WildBlue satellite

There are two features that need to be disabled if you are using WildBlue satellite Internet:

  1. Disable the "Optimizer":  Follow these instructions provided by the WildBlue Help Center on how to disable this feature.
  2. Disable the "Web Accelerator":  Call WildBlue’s Customer Support at 1-866-905-6768 and request that this feature be disabled on your modem. This feature cannot be disabled by the customer. NOTE: If your modem is rebooted or a power outage occurs, you will have to call WildBlue to disable the service again.

Please note the Walden Library cannot assist with disabling this feature. 

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