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Although your Walden email account ends in, your Walden email account runs on the Gmail platform. Gmail allows users to have more than one Gmail account open at one time and will generally open to your primary or most frequently used Gmail account when you click on a Google link.

If you click on the link to your Walden email account link from your myWalden portal, and an email account other than your Walden email account opens, this indicates that another Gmail account is also active on your browser. To resolve this issue, please use one of the options below.

  • Log out of your personal email account before you close your browser window at the end of a session.
  • Use a different browser for your personal email needs and your Walden work. For example, if you use Google Chrome for your Walden tasks (classroom, portal work, email, etc.), use Firefox for your personal email use.

If you want to use only one browser for your school work and personal internet usage, toggle between the two accounts following the directions below.

1. In your myWalden portal, click on one of the links to access your email account. (Learn more about where these links are located.)

2. If you have more than one account active in that browser, you may be directed to your personal inbox and not your Walden email account.

screenshot of a personal email account

3. Locate the menu in the upper-right corner of your inbox. If you are in your personal account, it would either be the name of your personal account or the actual email address itself.

4. Click on the email address and a menu will expand. Your Walden email account will be listed as an option below your personal email account. See below for an example.

screen shot of both emails listed in upper corner

5. Click on your Walden email account and you will be directed to your Walden student email account.

screen shot of student inbox

You can now use your Walden email account just as normal. Please remember that all emails to Walden faculty or staff should be sent using your Walden email account to avoid a delay in receipt due to the university’s spam filters.


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