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Students who are registered in a class have a specific period of time in which they can drop the class after it starts without being charged tuition for that course. See below for information regarding the deadlines for drop requests.
Please note: If you are unable to drop the class online in your student portal you should submit a written drop request via email or using the "Write Us" function in the Support tab of your myWalden portal. This ensure that the request is received in a timely manner.

No adjustments to registrations can be made over the phone.  A written request is always required to drop a class and the time-stamp on your email or webform is used to confirm if the request was received prior to the drop deadline.

 Are you in a Quarter-Based or Semester-Program?


Not sure if you are in a quarter- or semester-based program? Get more information on how to determine if you are in a quarter- or semester-based program here.

 Quarter-Based programs

2018 Fall Quarter

Course Length
(in Weeks)
First Day
of the Course
Last Day
of the Course
Deadline to
Drop Course
12 27-Aug-18 18-Nov-18 2-Sep-18
11 27-Aug-18 11-Nov-18 2-Sep-18
8 27-Aug-18 21-Oct-18 2-Sep-18
6 27-Aug-18 7-Oct-18 2-Sep-18
4 27-Aug-18 23-Sep-18 2-Sep-18
3 27-Aug-18 16-Sep-18 2-Sep-18
6 10-Sep-18 21-Oct-18 16-Sep-18
6 24-Sep-18 4-Nov-18 30-Sep-18
6 8-Oct-18 18-Nov-18 14-Oct-18
4 8-Oct-18 4-Nov-18 14-Oct-18
3 8-Oct-18 28-Oct-18 14-Oct-18


Is it after the drop deadline? If so, you may be able to withdraw from the class. Find out if withdrawing is still an option.BacktoTop

Semester-Based Programs

2018 Fall Semester

Course Length in Weeks First Day of Course Last Day of Course Last Day to Drop Your Course
16 4-Sep-18 23-Dec-18 10-Sep-18
8 4-Sep-18 28-Oct-18 10-Sep-18
6 4-Sep-18 14-Oct-18 10-Sep-18
5 4-Sep-18 7-Oct-18 10-Sep-18
4 4-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 10-Sep-18
3 4-Sep-18 23-Sep-18 10-Sep-18
6 17-Sep-18 28-Oct-18 23-Sep-18
8 24-Sep-18 18-Nov-18 30-Sep-18
10 8-Oct-18 16-Dec-18 14-Oct-18
5 8-Oct-18 11-Nov-18 14-Oct-18
16 29-Oct-18 17-Feb-18 4-Nov-18
8 29-Oct-18 23-Dec-18 4-Nov-18
4 29-Oct-18 25-Nov-18 4-Nov-18
3 29-Oct-18 18-Nov-18 4-Nov-18
6 12-Nov-18 23-Dec-18 18-Nov-18


Is it after the drop deadline? If so, you may be able to withdraw from the class. Find out if withdrawing is still an option.

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