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You can use Wikipedia as a starting place to gather preliminary information, but you will not cite Wikipedia as a source in scholarly work. You will want to find other, more reliable and scholarly sources for your discussions, assignments, and other academic work.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which anyone can add to or edit. You will want to fact check anything you find there.


What are some common and acceptable uses of Wikipedia?

  • Check the spelling of an author, theorist, or scholar's name.

  • Find a preliminary bibliography of works by a specific author, theorist, or scholar.

  • Read about a topic to find other keywords you might use later to search for articles in the Library databases.

  • Find an introductory overview of a concept or topic to aid your understanding.

  • Check the entry's references for the original source material.

These are just a few ways Wikipedia can be helpful.


Keep in mind we also have online encyclopedias and dictionaries in the Library for you to access. These are a good source of preliminary or background information on your topic.

See our encyclopedia and dictionary collections.


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