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We have links to all of the required Library course materials for each class in our Library Course Guides. These required Library materials can include articles, book chapters and videos. 

Materials not available in the Library should be linked in your Weekly Resources. 

Tip: Many courses include a link to the Library's course guide in the syllabus in your classroom. 

Here are the steps to find your required Library Course Materials and Assignment Help from the Library's page: 

  1. From the Library homepage, click on the Course Guides button.
  2. Identify your four letter, four number course code located in your myWalden portal (e.g. NURS 6001).
  3. On the left side of the screen, click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of your course code.
  4. Select the tab with your course code (e.g. NURS).
  5. Click on your course from the list of courses. 
  6. Scroll down the course guide page to the Required Course Readings box.  All of the required readings from the Library for your class will be linked.

Note:  If there are no required Library materials for your course, there may not be a course guide.


This image for step 4 shows the tab NURS selected, and a list of NURS course guides:


This image for step 6 shows links to readings in a NURS course:



You can find a Course Guide search box in your classroom, and on the main course guides page.  Type the four letter/four number code into the search box. 

Many course guides have pages with help for specific assignments requiring library research. If the course has assignment help, you will see a tab for that week’s assignment on the left side of the guide. 


More Information:

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