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When should I use evidence?

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When should I use evidence?


There are specific times you will want to use evidence and thus will need to cite your sources:

  • To support your thesis
  • To give evidence of a main idea
  • To strengthen your argument
  • To illustrate a point

Using evidence appropriately also means citing your sources every time you use information that is not originally your own. Whether paraphrasing or quoting, you must use in-text citations. Learn more about how to cite your sources from the Writing Center's website.

However, try to avoid the following when using evidence:

  • Listing source material back to back without an explanation. Instead, integrate and explain your source information.
  • Using only source material in a paragraph. Be sure to begin and end paragraphs with your own voice and include clear analysis.
  • Relying too heavily on one source. Try to vary your sources so that your reader can see that multiple other sources support your ideas.
  • Using too many direct quotations. Instead, paraphrase in order to show a deeper understanding and engagement with the work.

Knowing how to incorporate evidence can be tricky, so see the Writing Center's website for more tips on using your sources.


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