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Where can I find Walden award-winning dissertations?

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Where can I find Walden award-winning dissertations?

You can find award-winning Walden dissertations and doctoral studies in Walden University's ScholarWorks. Links to the dissertations and doctoral studies are found below; all are Ph.D. dissertations unless otherwise noted.

Walden recognizes doctoral capstones that meet the highest standards of academic excellence by offering two awards: the Harold L. Hodgkinson Award and the Frank Dilley Award for Outstanding Doctoral Study.

The Harold L. Hodgkinson Award is bestowed upon a Walden graduate whose dissertation is judged as meeting the highest university standards of academic excellence.

The Frank Dilley Award for Outstanding Doctoral Study is bestowed upon a Walden graduate whose doctoral study is judged as meeting the highest standards of academic excellence.


Hodgkinson Award Winners

2014: Dr. Saulat Jahan Public Health
2013: Dr. Piroska Bisits Bullen Public Health
2012: Dr. Christopher Hinnerichs Public Health
2011: Dr. Vicky D. Woodruff Health Services
2010: Dr. Carl Eckrode Public Health
2009: Dr. Christopher Charles Plum Education, K-12 Leadership
2008: Dr. Lydia Apori-Nkansah Public Policy and Administration
2007: Dr. Ronald Paige Education, Technology Specialization
2006: Dr. Nancy Musarra Psychology
2005: Dr. Stan Amaladas Management
2004: Dr. Janet Pershing Management
2003: Dr. Lynne Duffy Health Services
2002: Dr. Marlene Rodenbaugh Management

Dilley Award Winners

2014: Dr. Krista K. Laursen Management, D.B.A.
2013: Dr. Lynn Lysko Education, Ed.D.
2012: Dr. Kristal D. Ayres Education, Ed.D.
2011: Dr. David Finch Management
Dr. Valerie Lyle Education, Ed.D
Dr. Sharon K. Powell-Laney Education, Ed.D.
2010: Dr. Kenneth Powers Education (not currently available)
Dr. Douglas Hudson Tedford Education, Ed.D.
2009: Dr. Keenjal Pattni-Shah Education
Dr. Kimberly Showalter-Barnes Education, Ed.D.
2007: Dr. Teresa Bittner Management 
2006: Dr. Bhaskara Reddy Moole Management
2005: Dr. Javier Fadul Management
2004: Dr. Michael Hand Psychology
2003: Dr. Bonnie Beardsley Education
2002: Dr. Stella Verna Psychology


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